Anyone who has siblings knows how gaming works. The older kids get to be player one, they get to play all the best games first, and younger siblings wait their turn. They also get all the game systems from older brother when new games come out. It’s the way things have always worked. Reddit User “Shadow8P” decided to do things differently however.


He took to reddit to share the story of his younger sister, who has played games since she was old enough to hold a controller. For little sis’s tenth birthday, she was greeted with a present from her two older brothers, and an adventure. Shadow8P and his brother not only bought a (very impressive) gaming computer for their sisters 10th birthday, they also wrapped each component individually, setting up a scavenger hunt to find each new piece. Now that’s true gamer style, if you want the loot, you have to find it right?

At the end of her hunt, all the components were found, and the ultimate present was assembled. Quest complete! Gaming is a social activity, and requires a lot of team work, and I think this young lady is going to remember that for a long time, all thanks to the actions of the two best brothers anyone could ask for.



A gallery of all the photos of the scavenger are in a gallery below.


Credit goes to Shadow8P over on reddit at r/gaming.


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