In 2014, Lindsey Lohan accused Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive of using her image in their wildly popular game, Grand Theft Auto v. While this was a wild and far fetched accusation, surprisingly, the accusation was deemed just, and allowed to proceed. 

   The above photograph was the major focal point of the argument, Lohan claiming it was based off of her, and a violation of her privacy. In the two years since, evidence has come to light that the woman in the picture is in fact modelled after a young woman named Shelby Welinder. This was revealed whenever Welinder submitted her invoice for the modelling work given to her by Rockstar. As well as posing in front of an advertisement bearing her likeness. 


   As of now Lohan’s case has been thrown out, as well as the case of Karen Gravano, who made similar charges. While there are similarities between both of these woman and characters in the game, the state of New York decided that such similarities fall under the protection of The First Amendment. Nice try Lindsey, maybe you’ll get the next one.

Source: The Washington Post